4 Ways To Make Your Purse More Secure

Whether you are traveling or out in your home city, getting your purse stolen or having someone pick pocket from within your bag can be devastating. Purses can be particularly vulnerable to theft because they are often set down away from their owners and are easy to pull off the body when being carried. However, there are several ways that you can wear a stylish purse with confidence that it won't be tampered with. Below are some of the bag features you should consider. 

Shoulder Clips 

Shoulder clips are sturdy pins that attach to the shoulder of your coat. Your purse strap then slides into a clip on the pin. This prevents the bag strap from slipping down off your shoulder, which makes your bag easier to carry when your hands are busy with other things. But it also makes it more difficult for thieves to pull your bag off of your shoulder. Many thieves will give your purse a single tug, and if it doesn't come away from your body easily, they will move on. 

Security Straps 

Security straps are an extra strap that fits through the handles of your purse. It can be used to clip your purse into a shopping cart or to a chair when you are not wearing it, and can also clip onto many jackets when you are wearing the purse. This makes it difficult for a thief to lift the purse away. Additionally, because it loops through both handles, it makes it more difficult for a thief to slip their hand into the main opening of your purse. 

Anti-cut Material 

Another method thieves use to get your purse away from you is to cut the straps. However, many purses are being sold with anti-cut technology. This is usually a thin steel wire that runs along the length of the strap. It is usually concealed inside the purse so you cannot see or feel it, but makes cutting your bag strap much more difficult. 

Zipper Clips

A thief doesn't have to take your whole purse. Sometimes they reach in and take out your wallet or phone without you noticing. To prevent this, you should look for a bag with a zipper clip to hold the zipper securely closed. Actual clips are the most secure option, but even a loop of fabric matching the material of your purse that holds down the end of the zipper can deter some thieves.